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An open, family-style boarding approach…

We’re not your average dog boarder. At Happy Paws K-9, we treat guest pets like family. We offer a unique boarding environment where kenneling is a choice.

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We provide an experience unmatched by other dog boarders

A quick Google search of dog boarders in your area will yield plenty of hits, but Happy Paws K-9 offers an unmatched dog boarding experience. One of the biggest frustrations of dog parents is finding a boarder who provides the same level of care as they get at home.

While most dog boarders offer a limited amount of exercise and playtime, charge extra for add-ons, and require that dogs be crated for the night, our services are not a la carte, and kennels are a choice. We take pride in providing a space for dogs in which they’ll feel like an adopted member of our family during their stay.

*If your dog needs special care, we are happy to provide it. We can administer medication as well as provide transport to vet appointments as necessary.

  • Dogs get the choice of where they want to sleep

    We have large, luxurious kennels available if desired, but no dog is required to be kenneled. We have many different rooms separated by gates where dogs can stay/sleep on their own, with their siblings, or with best friends—whatever they (and you!) prefer.

  • We aim to provide a vacation away from home

    The more comfortable they are, the less anxious they’ll be. We mitigate separation anxiety by providing plenty of exercise and creating a sense of familiarity and comfort.

  • Providing a social environment

    Your dog will get to socialize with other non-aggressive dogs and will have plenty of human interaction.

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We love taking photos of your fur babies…

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