We want to get a feel for your dog’s personality

Because of the off-leash nature of our business, we need to get to know your dog before we add them to the pack.

We strive to provide a safe and happy environment for all the dogs under our care. For that reason, we will not admit new dogs into our facility without a proper meet-and-greet with you and your pet. A structured introduction and behavioral assessment are mandatory.


The benefit of having a dog trainer on site is that we can properly access and evaluate your dog’s behavior and body language and determine whether your fur baby is a good fit for our pack, and that we are a good fit for your pup, as well. This is a critical step in our process to ensure safety and harmony for all our furry guests.


what you need to know

Detailed pet parent information and introduction required

We’ve talked about the physical introduction, but we also require a written introduction to your pet as well. This will provide us with all the basic information that we need to make sure your dog's stay is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We’d love to know your dog’s nicknames and need to get a sense of their routine and needs. We also need a copy of your dog’s vaccination records and a heads up on anything we should be made medically aware of. We do accept special needs dogs.

Give us their specific care instructions

We want to know the basics. How many times a day they are fed and how much, how often to give them treats, medication, and other daily needs.

Tell us about their quirks and preferences

Share information with us like your dog’s weird habits, comfort objects, favorite activities, and more.

Dogs with minor behavioral issues are welcome

We do offer behavior modification for stubborn dogs through socialization and positive reinforcement.


  • We absolutely DO NOT accept aggressive dogs

    Because of the off-leash and social environment that characterizes our business, we do not accept aggressive dogs.

  • Mandatory meet-and-greet

    We must have the opportunity to meet and socialize with your dog before we can welcome them into the fold to ensure our environment is the right fit.

  • Caretakers are onsite 24/7

    We want all pet parents to feel comfortable leaving their pups in our care. We’ll be there in their time of need.

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We love taking photos of your fur babies…

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