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Not your average doggy daycare…

Our approach in offering next-level care is non-negotiable. Your dog won’t be anxious while you’re away if they feel like they’re on a vacation away from home.

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All Your Questions Answered...

What is dog daycare?

Sometimes, our lives become too busy to accommodate our furry family members during the days that we’re working. Maybe your dog has anxiety about being left alone at home during your work week or your apartment is small, and you want your dog to have more space to roam and even socialize while you’re working long hours. Sometimes, you just want your dog to have fun! We know that dogs are deeply social creatures and our approach to daycare offers plenty of opportunities for open, free socialization. Like kids, our dogs also need to be monitored for over-stimulation, and at Happy Paws K-9 we make sure to include nap time and play breaks to give your pups the recharge they need.


What makes Happy Paws K-9 unique?

Our dog daycare facility offers your pup the opportunity to explore 3 acres with large, fenced, lighted trails and play with toys, games, and other dogs. We even have a natural obstacle course set up for the dogs to navigate and a trampoline for their enjoyment. Our goal is to entertain and engage your doggo with both physical and mental games! In addition to our fenced outdoor play area, we have an entire indoor playroom set-up, equipped with a tunnel.


With onsite caretakers available round-the-clock, pets will socialize with other dogs in an off-leash environment, including a great indoor play space! Your dog will come home happy and like they’ve spent the last few hours hanging out with all their friends at the beach.


What does it cost to send your pup to Happy Paws K-9 Daycare?

$55 per day

Off-leash environment with plenty of property to roam freely.

Trails to explore, obstacle courses, toys, a trampoline, and more!

Plenty of time to play and socialize with other dogs.

Round-the-clock care and attention.



We reserve the right to prohibit admittance of dogs lacking proof of vaccinations, and/or dogs displaying signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions, and/or aggressive behavior. Meet & Greet, which includes behavior evaluation, is mandatory for all new clients prior to boarding or daycare.

Spay/Neuter Policy:

We accept intact female dogs up to age 6 months for both daycare and boarding. We do not accept intact females over the age 6 months for either daycare or boarding.

We accept intact male dogs for daycare and boarding upon behavior evaluation.


Please note that we will need vaccination records prior to your appointment.

Rabies – Required

Distemper – Required

Bordetella – Required

Canine Influenza - Required

CIV and Leptospirosis are highly recommended.

Hours of Operation:

We provide 24-hour coverage of care for dog guests.

We are open to the public
Monday – Friday: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Early & Late Fees:

We request that Boarding guests check in no later than 2 PM and check out by noon. Late check-ins will be charged a $25 fee for a 1-hour walk before the dog is introduced to the pack. Daycare fees apply for late check-outs between noon and 6 PM. A boarding fee will be charged for check-out after 6 PM.

Medication Administration:

At Happy Paws K-9 the administration of medications and supplements is free of charge.

Deposits, Cancellation & Rates:

We accept reservations for boarding with a required, 50% deposit. For reservations cancelled 5 days prior to arrival, we fully refund your deposit. Full payment required at check-in.


The dogs are usually fed twice a day, but some owners may feed their dogs 3 times a day, and we can happily accommodate special requests in case your dog has a different schedule.

When boarding we ask that you please prepare each meal’s serving size in a separate baggie labeled with your dog’s name for each day of your dog’s stay, and please include any treats you'd like them to have.

Waiver of Liability & Medical Need:

Dog owners and authorized representatives are solely responsible and liable for any and all actions of their dogs during their stay at Happy Paws K-9 including, and not limited to, injury to another dog, a staff member, or a member of the public. By contracting our services, you are confirming that you understand and agree to the terms set forth herein and, if you are not the dog’s owner, that you are authorized by the owner to admit the dog to Happy Paws K-9 and to agree to these terms. In the rare case of an emergency or health concern, we will contact you. We shall administer aid and non-prescription treatments, as needed. If veterinarian attention is deemed necessary, we shall take your dog to your veterinarian of record; or, to a 24-hour, veterinary emergency hospital if your vet is not available. With admittance, you accept responsibility for any expenses resulting from such outside treatment, as needed in the event of accidental injury, illness, or symptoms, arising during or after your dog’s stay with us. Please understand that despite Happy Paws K-9’s commitment to the highest standard of dog care and supervision and to facility design and cleanliness, accidental injury and illness may occur. The owner further understands that dogs play and lead with their teeth and injuries including cuts, scrapes and puncture wounds can be a result of play and not necessarily aggression. Owner agrees to be responsible for all damages and medical treatment for all injuries to dog. Owner also understands and acknowledges that if an injury is proven to have occurred due to unprovoked aggression, Owner of aggressive dog is responsible for medical treatment of injured dog.

Media Release:

Images or videos of your dogs and you might be taken for social media or marketing material. Your signature on the policies and admittance agreement grants unrestricted use and publishing of any such images.

  • Traditional daycares charge extra for add-ons

    We provide a level of attention and care unmatched by other daycares. Your dogs will enjoy hours of off-leash indoor and outdoor play in a social environment.

  • Caregivers are always onsite

    Dogs require time and attention. They’re social animals. We make sure to provide the dogs with consistent human interaction and attention to keep them engaged and happy.

  • Ample time to exercise—not your typical daycare experience

    Your dog will have plenty of time to play and run outside and activities and toys to keep them engaged. We offer hours of exercise time for your pup.

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We love taking photos of your fur babies…

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