Best Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility in Dulles, VA

Happy Paws K-9 provides dog parents in Dulles a nearby, superior option for dog daycare and boarding. We are conveniently located on an expansive property in Leesburg, VA. At Happy Paws K-9, our dog daycare facility offers your pup the opportunity to explore 3 acres with large, fenced, lighted trails and play with toys, games, and other dogs. We even have a natural obstacle course set up for the dogs to navigate and a trampoline for their enjoyment. Our goal is to entertain and engage your dog with both physical and mental games! In addition to our fenced outdoor play area, we have an entire indoor playroom set-up, equipped with a tunnel.

With onsite caretakers available round-the-clock, pets will socialize with other dogs in an off-leash environment, including a great indoor play space! Your dog will come home happy and like they’ve spent the last few hours hanging out with all their friends at the beach. Call today to schedule your meet-and-greet, and see why we are Northern VA’s preferred dog daycare and boarding facility!

Dulles, VA Dog Boarding

Dog boarding in Dulles can be likened to a hotel or resort stay for your dog while you and your family are out of town. Dog parents usually choose to board their furry family members when taking extended trips where it would be difficult to accommodate pets.

Happy Paws K-9 provides a staycation for your furry loved ones, caring for all their basic needs and providing them with plenty of attention and play while you’re away.

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Dulles, VA Dog Daycare

Sometimes, our lives become too busy to accommodate our furry family members during the days that we’re working. That's why we offer dog boarding near Dulles. Maybe your dog has anxiety about being left alone at home during your work week or your apartment is small, and you want your dog to have more space to roam and even socialize while you’re working long hours.

Sometimes, you just want your dog to have fun! We know that dogs are deeply social creatures and our approach to daycare offers plenty of opportunities for open, free socialization. Like kids, our dogs also need to be monitored for over-stimulation, and at Happy Paws K-9 we make sure to include nap time and play breaks to give your pups the recharge they need.

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