Providing an Alternative to Traditional Dog Boarding

Happy Paws K-9 Will Treat Your Dog Like


Unlike traditional boarding facilities, we have an open boarding policy.

This means that your dog can roam our property under supervision and is not locked in a kennel overnight. Dogs can choose to sleep in the living room, bedrooms — wherever they may prefer.



Our doggy daycare is next level.

While most facilities cap a limit on playtime and exercise, We have three acres of property for the dogs to explore and a playground of toys to entertain. Your dog will socialize with other dogs and get plenty of exercise and interaction throughout the day.

We require new dog parents to provide detailed information about their fur babies.

So that we can get to know your dog and their unique needs. With a fully trained service animal on-site, we do offer minor behavior modification training for stubborn dogs and dogs that need socialization.

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  • 20492 Oatlands Chase Place
    Leesburg VA 20175

A lot of happy


“Best dog trainer ever! Bia loves what she does, and this love spreads to all the dogs around her.”

Patricia Braghiroli


Bia is amazing! The dogs seem to smile showing how happy they are after spending some time in her company! She loves what she does and it can be seeing through her clients 🐶 ! If you wanna see your bud happy and healthy, leave him/her in Bia’s hands!

Juliana Melo


“Beatriz is just amazing! Loving, caring, joyful, an absolute pleasure to deal with! Our very anxious Aussie feels very relaxed with her and our very active rescue loves going on very long walks.”

Natasha Coppola Pasche


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